May 01, 2017

Dr. Jean Dodds Tells You How to Weather Flea Season Again


What keeps your dog flea free in the season? A healthy diet, a flea comb and neem-based shampoos. Dr Jean Dodds, renowned vaccinologist and veterinarian, agrees.

Many readers probably want to know what we recommend in the form of natural or chemical flea preventatives. As this blog is for general information only, it does not recommend specific brands or products, beyond a flea comb, and shampoos and supplements that are made from natural products, and are intended to help control fleas. 

However, if your companion pet has the MDR-1 Mutation, epilepsy or is prone to seizures this animal should avoid flea preventatives that contain the chemicals, spinosad, or any of the isoxazolines. [You can check on line for the product trade names that apply here.] 

Further, using flea preventatives should be reserved for situations where there is a highly likelihood of exposure or you know for certain your companion pet is prone to fleas or has fleas. Generally, you will have to go through a flea season or two to ascertain your pet’s vulnerability to fleas and to any side effects of using chemical flea preventives. 

Fleas on Dogs & Cats - Dr. Dodds

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