January 03, 2014

State Veterinary Boards Reprimand Members for Over-vaccinating?

October 23, 2013 the Texas Board of Veterinary medical Examiners reprimanded a Vet for incorrectly telling clients that animals need an annual rabies vaccine when the animals had received three year rabies vaccines. As far as I know, this is the first time the Board has ruled that giving unnecessary vaccines is not dealing honestly with the public. Hopefully this opens the door to stopping misrepresentation of other vaccines. 

The Missouri Board ruled that if a Veterinarian deviates from the AAHA guidelines or the AFP guidelines, they must have solid scientific evidence to support their recommendations.


Therese Holliday said...

We got our 11 lb. Chihuahua, Sassy, from the local shelter and they/county demanded a rabies vaccination. I asked the vet for an exemption because I don't even vaccinate my son (older son vaccine injured=Asperger Syndrome dx). She said no. I asked for a weight-appropriate dose, again she said no. Got the same dose as a Great Dane, ended in the animal hospital with liver enzymes around 4800 count and on IV drip for 3 days. $1100 later and after admittance by vet that the shot was the cause, I contacted the manufacturer. They said "no connection". I "hounded" them for months until they reimbursed me from Customer Service monies, not -of course- for damages but to keep me happy/quiet. I had to sign that I wouldn't name them. So they can still say they have never paid out damages. This BS needs to stop!

Regret A Vet said...

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you can't name them BUT I CAN!!!!!!!!!!