August 23, 2013

CA ALERT: AB272 Zombie Rabies Bill That Endangers Puppies Just Won't Die!

Thanks to Dr. Karen Becker, Mercola Healthy Pets, for this story at-a-glance on the zombie rabies bill that has been resurrected yet again in the California legislature. 

  • California Assembly Bill AB 272 is proposing new vaccine legislation that will require puppies in California to receive the rabies vaccine at 12 weeks rather than 16 weeks. Analysis of the bill indicates significant important factual errors have been conveyed to legislators about the impact of the bill on California's dogs if it passes, and the motivations behind its introduction. 

  • Dr. Jean Dodds, Dr. Becker, other members of the veterinary community and countless pet owners are very concerned about this proposed bill, for the sake of California’s puppies, and also because other states often follow California’s lead.

  • A primary concern is that too-early rabies vaccination can interfere with residual maternal antibodies, with the result that puppies presumed to be immunized against the disease, will not be.

  • Another concern is that adding the rabies vaccine around the same time dogs receive their “puppy shots” can significantly increase the risk for serious adverse vaccine reactions.

  • Dr. Becker and Dr. Dodds encourage pet owners to get informed and involved by visiting the Rabies Challenge Fund website. 
Can we say one more time: there is absolutely no good reason for this amendment to California rabies law and considerable potential risk to puppies under 16 weeks of age. 
Read all about Risks of Too Early Rabies Vaccination at Dr. Becker's site.  

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