July 08, 2013

Vaccination for Kennel Cough: Not!

Dogs Naturally Magazine gives dog owners the low-down on bordatella vaccine. Does it truly prevent the canine cold? Not so much.

For a vaccination to make sense to use, it’d have to pass the usual gold standards of inquiry:

Does it work?

Is it safe?

The kennel cough vaccine can’t answer either question with a resounding yes. It’s really pretty much a weakling in the vaccine world.

Efficacy is another way to ask, how well does this work? Turns out it’s a lousy immunizing combo, with at best a very short lived protection against only some of the bugs known to cause this canine cold.

The efficacy of preventing kennel cough in your dog by giving a vaccination is so lacking that noted immunologist Ronald Schultz, PhD says,
“Kennel cough is not a vaccinatable disease.”
That’s not to say its not preventable, but this is a top vaccination authority’s judgement about the value of using the vaccine to prevent this cold in dogs.

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