June 27, 2013

Veterinarians and Vaccines - A Slow Learning Curve

 Dr. Nancy Kay shares her frustration about veterinarians slow pace adapting to current vaccine science.
Vaccinations are so much more than simple shots. They truly qualify as medical procedures because each and every inoculation is associated with potential risks and benefits. While adverse vaccine reactions are infrequent and most are mild, every once in awhile a vaccine reaction becomes life threatening. As with any medical procedure, it is only logical to administer a vaccination if the potential benefits outweigh the risks. Giving a three-year vaccine once a year defies this logic in that the patient is exposed to all the risk of the procedure with absolutely no potential benefit. How in the world does this make sense?!
At the bottom line, the veterinarians who continue to administer core vaccines annually do so for two reasons: a) they judge pet owners as too lazy or dumb to bring animals in for an annual well check and b) for practice income.

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