May 22, 2013

ACTION ALERT: Tell CA Senate Health Committee to OPPOSE AB 272

It's baa-ack. From the Rabies Challenge Fund, an update on CALIFORNIA AB 272 which seeks to lower mandated rabies vaccination in dogs from four to three months. This bill will be heard JUNE 5th by the Senate Health Committee. 

Listen up, California pet lovers. You've heard all the arguments against here. According to expert opinion, this is an unnecessary and imprudent law that threatens both public safety and the health of puppies. 

That it keeps coming back is an example of legislative sausage-making; it's a long, grinding process.And one I suspect that legislators do not think we're watching.

That this amendment to rabies prevention and control ordinances has come this far tells me that the powers that be are simply ignoring the advice of knowledgeable veterinarians as well as the encouragement of "we the people" to trash this ill-considered legislation. 

From their perspective, which is who does it serve and how much does it cost the state, there is simply no good reason not to pass it. Rabies vaccination can't hurt. Public safety can't be too careful. Government spending to enact is nothing. Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead.

It's up to us to correct that erroneous perception. At the risk of becoming strident, make your voice heard!

Contact Chair Sen. Hernandez (916) 651-4024 Fax (916) 445-0485, Sen. Anderson (vice-chair) (916) 651-4036 Fax (916) 447-9008 & com. members below to OPPOSE AB 272.

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