April 11, 2013

Urgent Action on California AB 272 - Tell Legislators to OPPOSE

Rabies Challenge Fund calls for URGENT ACTION ON CALIFORNIA AB 272. This bill would lower the age at which puppies must be vaccinated against rabies from 4 to 3 months. It gets the second full House consideration TODAY. Tell your state representatives to OPPOSE AB 272.

According to Dr. Jean Dodds, lowering the age at which puppies are required to be vaccinated against rabies threatens public health as well as increases the risk of adverse reaction including death in puppies. Puppies are still protected by maternal antibodies at this age, which can thwart the efficacy of the vaccine. They are also still receiving core vaccines. Adding a potent biologic agent to this schedule dramatically increases the antigen load with the potential to overwhelm the immune system.

The "facts" that have been presented to support this bill are false. Dr. Dodds discusses this in a call with Dr. Karen Becker. Please contact your state representative and tell them to OPPOSE AB 272.

Find your representatives through the following link: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/.

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