April 08, 2013

Urgent Action Alert for California Dog Lovers: OPPOSE AB 272

California lawmakers vote this Wednesday on legislation to reduce the age of rabies vaccination from 4 months to 3 months. As previously reported, this change in mandatory vaccination age increases the risk in puppies for adverse reactions as well as increases the chances that the vaccine will fail.

Top pet health care expert, Dr. Jean Dodds and Mercola Pets integrative veterinarian, Karen Becker, talk about this dangerous policy change.

Why has this bill gotten so far? It's a dangerously bad idea predicated on a misunderstanding of rabies prevention and compliance guidelines. And like many bad laws these days, there's a danger that it will spread to your backyard soon.

PLEASE CALL Assemblymember Gatto's office and urge him to OPPOSE AB 272. It just takes a minute. (916) 319-2043 And tell your California friends!

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