March 14, 2013

CA Pet Owners Must Oppose AB 272 As Too Risky

California needs action by pet lovers. California Rabies Bill AB 272 - which seeks to lower required age of rabies vaccination from 16 weeks to 12 weeks for dogs - is one step closer to law. It passed California Assembly's Agriculture Committee. Now, it goes on to Appropriations, and since it does not require state funds, there's a good chance it will be enacted. This is a very bad law for both family pets and public safety.

First, it puts public safety at risk. 

The 2003 American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) Canine Vaccine Guidelines reports on Page 16 that:  ”When vaccinating an animal, the age of the animal, the animal’s immune status, and interference by maternal antibodies in the development of immunity must be considered.  Research has demonstrated that the presence of passively acquired maternal antibodies interferes with the immune response to many canine vaccines, including CPV, CDV, CAV-2 and rabies vaccines.”

In other words, inoculating a puppy or kitten at too young at age can render vaccination ineffective. This negatively affects "herd immunity" in the canine population, thus creates a vulnerability to transmission to humans.

Second, it puts puppies at greater risk of adverse reactions.

Puppies are in the midst of receiving other vaccinations (distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and more) at 12 weeks (3 months) of age, and adding a rabies vaccine into the mix will not only increase the likelihood of adverse reactions, some of which permanently debilitating or fatal.

It's disturbing that this bill has gotten this far. Please do your best to spike it before it reaches the legislature for a vote.

Contact Mike Gatto (Chair) 916-319-2043 and Susan T. Eggman 916-319-2013 and ask them to OPPOSE AB 272 or ask your California friends to do so.

H/T. Dr. Jean Dodds:

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