February 13, 2013

Why Rabies Shot at 12 Weeks Is Bad Idea

Rabies Bill AB 272 introduced by Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez of LA District 51 seeks to lower required age of vaccination to 12 weeks from the current 16 weeks.

According to Dr. Ron Schultz, one of the world's leading experts on vaccinology, some dogs will still have maternal antibodies to rabies at 3.5 months which can block a 3-month vaccination from having any effect. The same dog , when vaccinated 1 year later, will only derive short term IgM antibodies and will not be protected nor will it get protection at the next three year interval.

Please contact Assemblyman Gomez and ask him to WITHDRAW this bill!

Assemblymember.Gomez@Asm.CA.Gov (916) 319-2051

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