February 26, 2013

DHPP and Distemper Vaccinosis

My dog was vaccinated annually with DHPP vaccine from 1998 to 2005. From the first vaccination, Matisse had itchy skin, dark, waxy discharge from his left ear and frequent bouts of gastritis - vomiting and/or diarrhea. By 2007, he had also developed chronic cough, which we later diagnosed as allergic lung disease or bronchitis.

Inflammation was the hallmark of his overall health condition as you can see from the following pictures taken in 2010.

The skin on his head, belly and inside his thighs continuously erupted with pustules. 

Heavy discharge from both eyes developed into a particularly worrisome bout of conjunctivitis.

Meibomian gland tumor on his right eye, warts on his feet are classic signs of vaccinosis.

When Xymox Ointment finally dried the discharge in his left ear, an extended course of antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia triggered otitis media in his right ear.

Red. Red. Red. Red had been his color since we started using homeopathy remedies.

Dr. Pitcairn's homeopathic theory suggests that these allergic reactions are chronic manifestations of the disease the vaccine was supposed to prevent. If this is true, Matisse was the poster boy for distemper vaccinosis. Click on the chart to see how the acute symptoms become chronic.

Chronic rhinitis - watery fluid dripping from his nose. Goopy eyes with heavy discharge, intermittent conjunctivitis, chronic gastritis, recurrent diarrhea, rear-end weakness that eventually developed into paralysis, habit of licking his foreleg, chronic bronchitis, chronic skin eruptions and seasonal allergies.

The conventional medical approach is to treat the symptoms - a steroid solution for the eyes, antacids for the digestive system, antihistamines for the allergy symptoms, antibiotics and so on. Take this pill for this, another pill for that, suppress all the symptoms and when you finish the prescriptions, pray that the immune system finds its way back to homeostasis.

It doesn't always happen.

I was very good at selecting remedies for acute disease - bee sting, dry socket, upset tummy, twisted ankle, earache, etc. So I selected remedies to treat Matisse, monitoring his symptoms, using only one remedy at a time, allowing it ample time to work before moving on to something else, but I confess I was still treating this or that symptom and not the prevailing gestalt of temperament and symptom picture.

Simply, chronic disease takes considerable practice experience.

Don Hamilton, DVM and author of the book, "Homeopathy for Dogs and Cats: Small Doses for Small Animals," put it together for us.

"What vaccinations did he receive as a puppy?"

DHPP and rabies.

Dr. Hamilton had developed a program of treating post-vaccination syndrome, i.e., vaccinosis, with a homeopathic potency of the vaccine that caused it.

Dr.Isaac Golden and Dr. Tinus Smits were getting great results with this protocol in Europe for both children and adults who show signs of vaccine damage. The issues which occur subsequent to the administration of a particular vaccine, stop and overall health improves, after a program using the homeopathic remedy of that vaccine. One of Dr. Smits' cases:
Another instance of reduced natural defences is Hanneke. She was seven months old when she was first brought to my practice. Two months previously she had caught her first cold, which was followed by an infection inside her right ear and bronchitis for which she was given a course of antibiotics. A week later the ear infection was on both sides and her bronchitis had not cleared up, so she had been given a second course of antibiotics. Since then her breathing had been noisy owing to mucus in her lungs. I was told it all seemed to begin after the third DKTP. I prescribed a series of DKTP/HIB 30K, 200K, MK and XMK on four consecutive days. Since then the ear infections and bronchitis have gone but the cold remained. She also started to sit, crawl and stand in a short time. It was then that it became clear that her development had almost imperceptibly been retarded. There was still fluid in her right ear-drum and, when tested, she appeared to hear practically nothing on the left and little on the right. Teething pains frequently made her cry at night. She still appeared distraught. At the end of February I gave her a series of DKTP/HIB 30K, 200K, MK and XMK because the symptoms of post-vaccination disorders were still present. Following this her cold disappeared. Her hearing is now once again perfect and she is thoroughly content. Hanneke is again as healthy as previously and her natural defences are fully restored.
You can read many other successes with the Post Vaccine Syndrome (PVS) homeopathy protocol at Dr. Smits' website.

Given Matisse's age of 12 years at the time, we knew that curing the damage of his early vaccinations was a very long shot. At the very least, we hoped that this protocol would clear away the mask of vaccinosis so that homeopathy could work to manage his symptoms. Or we could get nothing.

Over the course of three months, we remedied Matisse with a homeopathic preparation of DHPP in varying potencies. It gave him three more good years.

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