February 12, 2013

California Proposes Rabies at 3 Months AGAIN!

Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez, who represents District 51 in LA, has proposed changing the age for rabies vaccination from four to three months. If approved, this change to state rabies compliance ordinances will affect all pet owners in the state.

It was a bad idea in 2010. It's a bad idea in 2013. Here's why:

1. Vaccinating a dog or cat before its immune system has fully developed is bad timing.  A current study of age and duration of immunity for core puppy shots states that maternal antibodies can thwart the action of the vaccine if it is administered too early.

2. Exposing an immature immune system to rabies vaccine is bad medicine. Rabies vaccine is a powerful biologic agent that is implicated in a host of acute and chronic health conditions.

3. Mandating the purchase of bad medicine is bad law. Requiring pet owners to pay for medically unsound rabies vaccinations from which their animal derives no health benefit raises ethical and legal issues which may violate the state’s consumer protection laws.

While no animal's immune system develops like clockwork, maturation is generally between 16 weeks and a year. Rabies sooner rather than later is counterproductive to the interests of California public policy - to keep state and local rabies laws simple to understand and minimally punitive.

Please contact Assemblyman Gomez AND ask him to WITHDRAW Rabies AB272!

Assemblymember.Gomez@Asm.CA.Gov (916) 319-2051

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