January 17, 2013

The Once Again Prince - Irving Townsend

Matisse 12/25/97 - 1/15/13
The Once Again Prince

We who choose to surround ourselves 
with lives even more temporary than our own, 
live within a fragile circle; 
easily and often breached. 
Unable to accept its awful gaps, 
we would still live no other way. 
We cherish memory 
as the only certain immortality, 
never fully understanding 
the necessary plan.... 

~Irving Townsend, Separate Lives

Thank you to the readers who have sent their condolences. We are very touched and grateful for your sympathy. This quotation from a short essay by author and animal lover, Irving Townsend, means so much to us right now. Matisse's cremains were returned to us today. His urn is such a small vessel for such a great soul. I am comforted by the thought that his spirit is now one with the stars.

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