January 04, 2013

AVMA Votes on Anti-Homeopathy Resolution

Bad enough that AVMA takes a contrary position on raw feeding, now they are set to scuttle alternative therapies including homeopathy on the strength of a 32-page white paper authored by someone who remains anonymous.

Resolution 3, submitted by the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association, proposes that AVMA have a policy that states homeopathy is an ineffective practice and that its use as a veterinary therapy be discouraged. Two attachments have also been submitted: a white paper titled “The Case Against Homeopathy,” and a document with the current AVMA Guidelines for Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine.
Dr. Jean Hofve, a retired holistic veterinarian who co-authored The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care: An Illustrated Handbook, With Celeste Yarnell, has fisked the anonymous white paper for its bias and inaccuracies. Please take the time to read it so you'll understand how truly appalling the foundation of the proposed resolution.

Homeopathy is not a panacea. Neither is conventional medicine. Both have strengths as well as weaknesses. Whether you use homeopathy or not, please support our right to choose therapies that work for our companion animals.

Contact information for the AVMA is below. Remember that the vote is tomorrow (Saturday, January 5), so if you want to weigh in, you should do it via email, phone or fax right away:
  • Email address: avmainfo@avma.org
  • Phone number: 800-248-2862
  • Fax number: 847-925-1329
Let the AVMA hear from you, their veterinary clients, that you will no longer do business with DVMs who refuse to consider or open their minds to alternative therapies. Let the AVMA know that with these latest resolutions, they are no longer serving clients who want the ability to seek out a variety of healing modalities for their pets. And let them know that ultimately, their members will lose income as pet owners turn to other types of practitioners for their holistic pet care needs.

H/T: Dr. Karen Becker: Anti-Homeopathy Resolution Slips in Through the Back Door

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