November 21, 2012

Can your pet eat people food?

Hell yes! With some limitations. Dr. Jean Dodds and Dr. Karen Becker, both phenomenal pet advocates cover the no-no's.

Dr. Dodds says:

Our emergency vet friends don't want to see you this Thanksgiving. A few quick reminders:
1. Dogs can have cranberries and apples. Raisins and grapes are toxic.
2. Dogs can have sweet potato and pumpkin. Pumpkin helps make dogs regular but sometimes too regular. We suggest waiting to experiment until after the party.

3. Don't play Wishbone with you dog. Leave the dog bones to the experts.
4. Turkey leftovers? Heck yeah! Since your dog probably doesn't know self control, we suggest you regulate the amount. Plus avoid the skin and other fatty foods as these can cause pancreatitis.



But those of us who have adopted a raw feeding menu for our companion animals look at our dogs and cats are just one more hungry mouth at the Thanksgiving table.

So bring on the turkey hearts, giblets and neck. Hold the cooked bones! Raw meaty bones forever. Cooked bones of any kind, never!

Happy Thanksgiving.

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