August 09, 2012

Petition for Veterinary Informed Consent

Jan Rasmussen, author and advocate for rabies law reform, has launched a petition demanding that veterinarians fully inform pet owners about its potential risks before vaccinating.
Almost 800 dog and cat lovers, and people generally concerned about over-vaccination, have already signed our petition -- in just 24 hours! And more and more veterinarians are joining us! And have you read the reasons they're signing? Heartbreaking.>

It's true. There ought to be a law that forces veterinarians to inform pet owners of the potential risks of vaccination. Many of us are surprised that it does not exist. Yet, the only "rule" regarding informed consent in veterinary medicine comes from the American Veterinary Medical Association. This is not a mandate; it's "more like guidelines."

If veterinarians persist in this medically unnecessary practice with full knowledge of its downside, and against the advice of their peers, what good is another petition?

Stay with me. There may be a greater benefit.

I recently learned from an ethical veterinarian who offers a 3-year rabies vaccination, that many pet owners simply do not believe that annual vaccination is harmful. After so many years of being indoctrinated with misinformation, they dispute new information and discredit the person who delivers it. This is so disheartening.

Even more disheartening, given the choice of a 3-year vaccination schedule, they still opt for the annual rabies vaccination; so they'll get the reminder in the mail to take their pets to the vet.

Excuse me?!

In one sense, I get it.

We are predisposed to invest trust in authority figures. "Whatever the doctor says." But why dispute new information from a trustworthy source? And setting aside the possibility that you're foreshortening your companion animal's life, how "busy" can you be that you need a reminder to "take your pets to the vet" like you "see the dentist" for a routine checkup?

For Pete's sake, don't you have a damned calendar?

Putting aside my self-righteous indignation, this information tells me that blogs like mine and others are preaching to the choir.

Our readers have found us because they learned from the hard truth: pet vaccines can cause irreparable damage and death. As this report by AVMA and many others like it attest, the downside of repeat vaccinations in adult animals is common knowledge in the veterinary profession.

I started this blog because I didn't want another person on Earth to suffer the pain of learning that what I thought was doing the right thing for my cat resulted in a wrong turn in her health and a bad end for both of us. I reasoned then that I may not be able to change the law, but I can get the word out to other pet owners who are still vaccinating as though it is routine.

The following comment posted to Aimee's Law offers an example of the effect that sharing this information can have:

Darling Aimees Mom,
I can not thank you enough for the information I found on your site. Our four year old Daush. had a serious reaction to a triple combination injection of rabies, distemper and bordella. We were frantic knowing our eleven year old, new boy Ollie, was due to have his rabies shot. My adult son and I spent hours on the computer searching for a reasonable alternative. I found mention about an exemption but was frustrated after three vets told me they knew nothing of the exemption and gave me all kinds of stupid reasons why he should have the shot. Oh, I forgot to mention he has no teeth, not even one!! FINALLY I arrived at a list of Holistic vets and found one who gladly said yes to writing the exemption. Using your site we downloaded the wavier and now have Ollies signed form in our hands. She, the Vet. would have made it without an end date but the wavier states it is only good for three years. So the end of the story is don't give up finding what is right and what is humane and mostly what is good common sense. Thank you again. Bonnie 

Sign the petition to demand that "Veterinarians: Fully Inform Us Before Vaccinating Our Dogs and Cats."  Then pass it on to friends and family who are still accepting annual vaccinations.
One of us can only do so much to effect change. All of us can do one kind and helpful thing for our friends.

Only God can help the pet owners who would rather vaccinate the family pet at the risk of its life than be bothered to remember to make a wellness appointment.

Truly. God help you.

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