July 20, 2012

Nevada Approves Rabies Medical Exemption

Heartening news from Kris Christine, about the state of Nevada.

Language has been added to the state's rabies control and prevention guidelines to grant rabies medical exemption to dogs, cats or ferrets in the care of a licensed veterinarian.

NEVADA Medical Exemption:

4.A licensed veterinarian may exempt a dog, cat or ferret from vaccination for health reasons. The veterinarian shall record the reasons for the exemption and a specific description of the dog, cat or ferret, including the name, age, sex, breed and color on a rabies vaccination certificate which must bear the owner’s name and address. The veterinarian shall record whether the reason for the exemption is permanent and, if it is not, the date the exemption expires.



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Anonymous said...

This is pawsome that this state now allows medical exemption. I know we had considered moving out of the state of new jersey to be closer to family, but have not moved because of this issue. When our puppy started having seizures within 1 hour of getting her rabies vaccine there were less than 5 states with this exemption law. We are still waiting for the exemption laws to go into effect where our family lives.