June 07, 2012

ProHeart6 Claims Another Victim

My heart goes out to Ashley Sassaman who lost a healthy, happy black lab, Jack, after an injection of Pro Heart 6.  It's a harsh way to learn how to discuss your beloved companion's medical care with your veterinarian.

According to Dr. Stephen Blake on Facebook:

Once again animals are being sold down the river for profit by the pharmaceutical cartels of this country.

Pro Heart 6 was pulled off the market in 2004 because of deaths and injuries it caused to dogs during its run in the market place as they best way to prevent heartworm.

"Pro heart caused more deaths in one year than all of the oral heartworm preventives combined did in ten years. " FDA statement to Pfizer.

When the FDA notified Pfizer that their drug was causing a problem, the manufacturer claimed it was due to the vaccines’ being given at the same time.

Four years later in 2008, Pfizer figured away to get it back on the market and the result is Jack is dead along with 1000's of his canine buddies. One of the many side effects (euphemism for toxicity) was I quote.

....In some cases, these side effects may be serious and may cause death.

To read the whole ugly list go to

Simply, do not say "yes" to any medication - for yourself or your pet - unless you have complete information of its potential for adverse effects. There is no law that requires a veterinarian to get your "informed consent." An ethical vet will always discuss risks and options. If yours does not, find another veterinarian.

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