May 21, 2012

VAS Makes News?

A rare news story about a cat in Colorado Springs suffering from VAS - vaccine-associated sarcoma isn't news to me. It's been killing cats and other companion animals for a very long time.

Pet Owners Say Cat's Cancer Caused By Vaccine
Owners Say Vet Never Warned Them Of Risks

A family pet is dying of cancer, and the owners say their veterinarians told them the tumor was likely caused by a vaccination. "The bump started growing towards the beginning of the year," said Alyssa Gorden, one of the cat's owners.Her cat, Hozart, has a large open tumor just above his tail, the same spot where the cat was vaccinated in Montana years ago."It was just a routine visit, 'Oh your cat needs a vaccination,'" said Anthony Gorden, Alyssa's dad. "I was never told of any risks or anything like that."Anthony said the cat was vaccinated for rabies, distemper and feline leukemia. Since Hozart developed the tumor, the family has learned that the leukemia vaccine isn't necessary for in-door cats like Hozart, and that it carries one of the highest risks of any animal vaccine for causing cancerous tumors.

Veterinarians have known about the risk of injection-site cancer since 1991 - 10 in every 10,000 injections are believed to result in a malignant - inoperable - tumor. 

Since then, veterinary medicine has also ascertained why these nasty, deadly tumors grow at the injection site - adjuvants.

This substance holds the virus in the area of the vaccination for a couple of weeks so it can be released slowly, allowing immune stimulation to take place over a longer time period. Indeed, some fibrosarcomas have been found to have vaccine adjuvant embedded within them. Adjuvanted vaccines have been shown to be five times more likely to cause VAS by inducing mutations in the genes that prevent cancer. are believed to be the cause of the cellular disturbance. 

And while this article suggests that the feline leukemia vaccine is the causative agent, any adjuvanted vaccine is suspect, including rabies vaccine.

One has to ask why the pharmaceutical manufacturers don't respond? If we have to inoculate our animals for public safety, give us better drugs.

Read more about Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma and how to reduce the risks of VAS in your companion animals. 

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