May 07, 2012

OT: BIG Pet Food Recall. Beware.

If you feed your dogs or cats products from any of these brands, please read this recap from Honest Dog of the Diamond Pet Food Recall that began last Friday. It could mean life or death for your companion animals. You could be sickened as well; the nasty salmonella poisoning has also affected humans who have handled it.

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
Kirkland (C0stco brand)
Country Value
Diamond Naturals
Premium Edge
Taste of the Wild
Natural Balance

Never heard of Diamond Pet Foods? Read the list again. Some of these are considered the "best." They are all manufactured by the same company, same process, same "quality" standards.

Start feeding your pets biologically appropriate food. Kibble kills on more ways than this.

H/T: Thank you Christie Keith

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Thank you for helping make public aware in order to help protect cats and dogs.