April 12, 2012

MO Action Alert: Tell Lege to Vote Yes on SB 566

The Rabies Challenge Fund has issued an action alert for Missouri pet owners in favor of rabies medical exemption.

MISSOURI MEDICAL EXEMPTION SB 566 ACTION ALERT: A medical exemption clause was included in SB 566 after The Rabies Challenge Fund petitioned the bill's sponsors. Bill SB 566 was read for the 2nd time in the Missouri House on 4/10/12 

CS/SB 566 - The act requires dog and cat owners to vaccinate these animals against rabies. The vaccinations must be administered by a veterinarian and must be kept current in accordance with a veterinarian's determination or local law. The act allows for an exemption from the vaccination requirement for animals with medical conditions that restrict them from receiving the vaccination.
 What You Can Do:

Please contact your legislators (http://www.senate.mo.gov/llookup/leg_lookup.aspx )& ask them to pass the bill.

Text of SB 566  http://www.senate.mo.gov/12info/pdf-bill/perf/SB566.pdf including exemption:

(5) "Statement of exemption from vaccination," a written determination, signed by a veterinarian, that a medical reason exists that precludes the vaccination for the dog or cat. The statement shall include the owner's name and address, a description of the animal, the medical reason that precludes vaccination, the date of determination, and the period of time for which the medical condition is reasonably expected to persist."


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