March 17, 2012

Science Studies Raw v Kibble FINALLY

The lack of science-based evidence is one of the objections to feeding dogs and cats a diet of raw meaty bones. To respond, researchers have undertaken a study to weigh the differences in raw, cooked and kibble fed to cats. We hope it portends a long look at pet food. Our fur babies deserve the best.

So, with that in mind, the objectives of this study were to determine differences in the digestibility, fecal characteristics, urine characteristics, and serum chemistry of 9 domestic cats fed 3 different diet treatments.  The dietary treatments were the raw beef-based diet that we feed to our cats at the zoo (Raw); the same diet but cooked (cooked) and a high quality grain-free kibble cat food (kibble).

H/T: Judy Frison-Schor

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