March 09, 2012

OT: How Old Is Your Pet?

Forget that old saw, every dog year is 7 times human years. I mean. Really.  Veterinarians are giving it a second look. A chart calculates it for both dogs and cats.

Many veterinarians agree that a pretty good guess on the age of pets can be made using the following formula. Although still simple, it is much more accurate than the seven-year method.

Assume that a 1-year-old dog is equal to a 12-year-old human and a 2-year-old dog is equal to a 24-year old human. Then add four years for every year after that. (Example: A 4-year-old dog would be 32 in human years.)
PS Please ignore all the ads for Purina Dog Food. Raw food is the best choice for your furry babies. 

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