March 26, 2012

AVMA Approves Resolution to Grant Rabies Vaccination Waiver

According to Kris Christine, The Rabies Challenge Fund, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has approved the Policy on Annual Rabies Vaccination Waiver as proposed in committee in January 2012.

Fair warning: this is not a "get out of jail free" card. Pet owners are more responsible than ever for the protection for companion animals suffering age or illness that make it dangerous to administer rabies vaccination. When it is granted - and this is not automatic - rabies shots are waived on firm conditions:

  • The waiver must be written by a licensed veterinarian who has a patient-doctor relationship with the pet;
  • It must be granted on the basis of a specific condition or previous reaction;
  • It must be accepted by your local animal control board;
  • It must be renewed annually;
  • All reasonable precautions should be taken to prevent the animal from exposure to rabies. If a dog or cat that has been granted a waiver from rabies vaccine is reported to animal control for suspected exposure to rabies, it will be treated as an unvaccinated animal. This could mean an extended quarantine. 

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