February 02, 2012

Reader Comment Makes My Day

This comment from a reader just made my day.

Darling Aimees Mom, I can not thank you enough for the information I found on your site. Our four year old Daush. had a serious reaction to a triple combination injection of rabies, distemper and bordella. We were frantic knowing our eleven year old, new boy Ollie, was due to have his rabies shot. My adult son and I spent hours on the computer searching for a reasonable alternative. I found mention about an exemption but was frustrated after three vets told me they knew nothing of the exemption and gave me all kinds of stupid reasons why he should have the shot. Oh, I forgot to mention he has no teeth, not even one!! FINALLY I arrived at a list of Holistic vets and found one who gladly said yes to writing the exemption. Using your site we downloaded the wavier and now have Ollies signed form in our hands. She, the Vet. would have made it without an end date but the wavier states it is only good for three years. So the end of the story is don't give up finding what is right and on Colorado Approves Rabies Medical Exemption Effective 3/02/10

I often wonder why I continue to publish Aimee's Rabies Medical Exemption blog. There are other people and organizations who are in the vanguard of the issue. I have seen myself more supporter than as a leader. Often I question my judgment. Is this blog a vanity? I write it as a public service; but is it worth the time and the cost?

Apparently, yes.

Excuse me while I revel in the acknowledgement.

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