December 30, 2011

Why Do Medical Associations Oppose Alternative Treatments?

I am convinced that the switch to homeopathy, an alternative therapy, is the reason that my dog is still alive (knock wood) and that the administration of medically unnecessary rabies vaccine is why my cat is dead.  But if you find it difficult to get your head around the fact that the medical profession for both humans and animals is not always ethical, I understand why. 

For one, the leading medical associations routinely seek to discredit alternative therapies. Get the low-down on how and why in this excellent report by Dr. Mercola.

  • The medical profession has a long history of opposing alternative healing professions. The rules of engagement have changed; as the AMA is finding new “legal” ways to discredit and limit practitioners of natural medicine
  • Alternative healthcare professionals such as chiropractors, naturopaths, and midwives have been targeted by the American Medical Association (AMA) for nearly a century, in spite of a federal court injunction against the AMA in 1987 for illegally trying to create a monopoly in the healthcare market
  • Other medical associations have joined forces to manipulate the public into believing natural medicine is quackery by spreading propaganda and mistruths

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