December 17, 2011

Does Your Veterinarian Practice Bad Medicine?

Why doesn't every veterinarian recognize the danger of over-vaccinating dogs and cats? 

Over the years of being a pet owner, I have known many wonderful veterinarians. So it came as a great shock to me when I learned that over-vaccinating my companion animals was most likely responsible for the chronic disease that has robbed my dog of quality of life and the renal failure that foreshortened the life of my cat. These are good people. They are caring people. They are devoted to their practice and to their patients' well-being. How could they continue a practice they knew might potentially cause harm?

When we know better, we do better. 

Dr. Bob Rogers, Dr. Karen Becker, Dr. Laura Szeremi, Dr. Jean Dodds and many other veterinarians nationwide now speak out regularly to reform local laws and professional guidelines to conform to vaccine science. This has often come at a price to their practices and professional standing.

So it could be that the brave, few, outspoken advocates whose names we know represent a legion of veterinary colleagues who now recognize the deleterious effects of over-vaccinating family pets and have simply stopped pushing booster shots for adult dogs and cats.

Our current vet is one. What if your veterinarian is not?

Jan Rasmusen muses about the many reasons that some veterinarians have been slow to respond to what seems like clear evidence that repeatedly jabbing the same animals with the same potent biologic agents is simply bad medicine.

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