October 27, 2011

Announcing the Kobi's Fund for VAS Cats Calendar - First Edition

The Kobi Fund has announced the publication of its 2012 VAS Kitty Calendar. Four dollars from each sale (which is all proceeds beyond the publisher's fees) will go to Kobi's Fund for VAS Cats.

In case you're not familiar with Kobi's Fund, it's a charity that provides financial assistance to folks who need help to pay for treatment for their VAS kitties.

The Fund was started by some members of the VAS Support Group to memorialize Colleen Hanley and her VAS kitty Kobi. Colleen was a stalwart of the Support Group until she lost her own battle with cancer. Kobi went on to become a long term survivor; he recently died cancer-free some nine years after his amputation surgery.

The calendar features our beloved Kobi on the cover along with information on VAS and the Kobi Fund. Each month showcases a VAS group cat and includes a link tohttp://www.vascats.com and http://kobifund.org .

The calendars are 11"x17" and vertically aligned (portrait orientation). Each calendar is $20.99, which is Cafe Press' base price of $16.99 + $4.00 for Kobi's Fund.

We hope that everyone will at least view the calendar athttp://www.cafepress.com/kobifund2 . For every purchase made $4 will be donated to Kobi's Fund for VAS Cats.

Thanks to Mick and Emily and the rest of the calendar committee for their work with a special thanks to Alexis for her extensive design work. Additional acknowledgements go to Rodney for use of his VAS cat graphic and Kevin for creating http://www.vascats.com. Also thanks to Suzie for hosting the calendar on her Cafe Press site and handling the logistics of donations.

Even with all the smart phones and other electronic devices that are available today, an old fashioned wall calendar is always useful and fun to display. Hang one in your home and office or give to a friend or your vet's office and help spread the word about VAS and support Kobi's Fund for VAS Cats at the same time. For those of you new to the group, Kobi's Fund for VAS Cats was created to ease the financial burden for families who face a battle with VAS, to give them a chance to beat it as Kobi did.

You can learn more about Kobi's Fund here:

http://www.vascats.com and http://kobifund.org

You can see and order the calendar here:


The Kobi Team

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