July 07, 2011

Killeen Rabies Law Reform Not a Done Deal

Killeen, Texas pets owners in favor of relaxing the interval between rabies shots from one to three years are urged to keep the pressure on City Council members. Both advocates for reforming rabies law and opponents still have time to speak.

The Killeen City Council workshop to consider changing the revaccination protocol on rabies shots is set for July 12 from 4pm to 6pm. Citizens who wish to speak must register in advance. The final vote takes place at 6pm.

According to Dr. Laura Szeremi, a Killeen veterinarian who has bolstered reform efforts in Killeen and Bell County, TX for over five years, the July 5 meeting of the Killeen City Council to review the proposed change in local rabies laws "went well."

The final vote is scheduled to occur next week on July 12 affording both advocates and opponents one last chance to speak out on the matter.

"A lot is riding on this vote," says Dr. Szeremi, "because the surrounding cities will follow our lead. If Killeen doesn’t get it changed, it will be dead in the water for Temple, Cove and Heights who all plan to discuss changing it."
In the run up to rabies law reform at the county level in 2009, Dr. Szeremi said she is interested in having the county adopt the state standard, which she said is essentially the national standard. She said Killeen, with its fluid military population, regularly runs into pet vaccination issues because of the county's strict policy.

Dr. Szeremi argued that giving pets more frequent vaccinations doesn't protect the public. She pointed out that there has been no explosion in rabies cases over the past 25 years even though 32 states migrated to three-year vaccination intervals.

It's not over until it's over. And it's not over. Reform is not a done deal.

Voice your support in favor of conforming the city rabies laws with national, state and county standards. Contact the City Council members to vote in favor:

Scott Cosper scosper@ci.killeen.tx.us (254) 526-2167
Larry Cole lcole@ci.killeen.tx.us (254) 289-7012
Billy Workman bworkman@ci.killeen.tx.us (254) 338-8337
Kenny Wells kwells@ci.killeen.tx.us (254) 681-4977
Juan Rivera jrivera@ci.killeen.tx.us (254) 338-4304
Terry Clark tclark@ci.killeen.tx.us (254) 466-9082


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