July 28, 2011

BUSTED! MN News Investigates Misinformation About Rabies Shots

Does your veterinarian tell you the truth about the duration of immunity of rabies vaccine? Apparently a high percentage of veterinary clinics in Minneapolis, Minnesota think their clients can't handle the truth. Responses to questions about how often dogs should get rabies shots are smoothly fielded with false information. No surprise to me. But big surprise them them when they get busted by a local news team. Watch.

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Anonymous said...

I just discovered my vet - a personal friend - had given my 2 cats rabies vaccinations every 2 years (only for 2-3 times in their 12 years as they're housecats and both had post-vac reactions as kittens.) The last they were given was in 2006, but it states they were due again in 2008. The problem lies primarily in that MN has no state rabies rule and instead vets are forced to follow municipal ordinances that state rabies vacs are to be given every year. Yes, there are some bad vets, but I think the majority are caught in a legal trap at present.