June 15, 2011

What to expect after your pet's vaccination

American Veterinary Medical Association has published a fact sheet on What to expect after your pet's vaccination.

This laundry list of short-term effects doesn't scratch the surface of what I fear and what many of us strongly believe to be vaccine-related dysfunction. Indeed, many of the most debilitating and deadly reactions may take years to develop. Vaccine-associated feline sarcoma, for example, may not emerge for five or six years. Here's more:

Dogs and cats with mild dispositions become excessively fearful or aggressive almost overnight. They suffer seizures and other disorders of the central nervous system. Its true that some effects are short-term. Others manifest over time as chronic dysfunction previously unknown in pets - allergies, asthma, arthritis, ear infections, thyroid disease, heart disease, kidney failure and cancer.

In the most extreme cases, dogs develop deadly autoimmune diseases, cats develop fibrosarcomas at injection sites. Even with extensive - and expensive treatment - their death rate is high.

Why do I feel as though I have just been patted on the hand and told not to worry my pretty little head.

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