June 06, 2011

USDA Pursues Vaccine Label Talks - 11 Years After They Promised It

According to a knowledgeable insider, the USDA will finally be having a public meeting to discuss vaccine labels.

In 2001 the AVMA COBTA asked Richard Hill, director of the USDA Center for Veterinary Medicine  to insure the accuracy of manufacturers vaccine recommendations, specifically the recommendations for annual re-administration. The AVMA COBTA said recommendations should be backed by scientific evidence and there is no scientific evidence to support recommendations for annual re-administration. 

Now 11 years later there may soon be action on this important issue.

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Healthy Dog Project said...

This announcement means so much to so many who have waited for change. Please keep us posted so we can alert those who depend on this information to keep their pets safe.

With common interests,
Gloria J. Cestero-Hurd
The Healthy Dog Project