May 28, 2011

PA Action Alert: YES on Vaccine Disclosure Law

Pennsylvania pet owners are urged to contact State Legislators to support SB768 which requires veterinarians to disclose possible negative side effects of treatments and drugs. Contact Sen. Consumer Protection Com. Chair Robert M. Tomlinson (717) 787-5072 and ask his committee to vote "OUGHT TO PASS."

Many people will be surprised to learn that no such law exists. As we wrote last year:

At a glance, a few states including New York, Wisconsin and Texas have laws on the books that suggest that licensed veterinarians discuss the possible bad outcomes of drugs used in their patient care.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as Rimadyl and anti-fungal medication such as Ketaconazole have not been tested or approved for use in animals. They are good drugs with bad side effects. To use them without first discussing the potential for kidney and liver damage ought to be a crime, it's not.

According to Christie Keith, in her article "What the FDA Wants Your Vet to Tell You," the FDA has requested that veterinarians provide information to clients on FDA-approved drugs prescribed to companion animals. No one is keeping them honest, but themselves.

Those of us who continue to support animals with damaged immune systems developed after redundant, unnecessary vaccination know how well that works.

Contact your legislators. Tell them SB 768 ought to pass!

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