May 11, 2011

Delaware Considers Informed Consent for Pet Owners

Our friend, Judy Frison Shor reports that the Delaware Senate will convene a hearing on a bill for informed consent so that pet owners are aware of the risks of veterinary vaccines and procedures.

I just got off the phone with a woman in Delaware whose dog just died from redundant rabies vaccination. They have no rabies vax laws there but nobody realizes it. The language is, “ Dogs must be current on vaccines”…DVM’s push vaccines on that alone and her dog (Beagle)received 2 /3yr vax every year x’s 2 years and just died, (2 weeks ago right after rabies vaccine)..she said it was a horrible death. She was unable to give me specifics being very emotional. Of course she thought she was doing the right thing by her pet and went with the DVM's recommendation and is now feeling not only devastated, but guilty and embarrassed feeling she killed her own dog...which I told her not to be.

We all start off thinking we are doing the best thing for our pets getting their recommended regular vaccinations.. I just sent her Peaches diagnosis from UPENN to share with Delaware's State Senator Peterson who will be trying to set up a bill for informed consent in DE. -- baby steps but a step forward for petowner's.

The Delaware legislative hearing is to convene in 2 weeks.

Do you think there ought to be a law that compels veterinarians to inform pet owners of the risks of vaccinations and medical procedures? So do we. 

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