April 01, 2011

Temple TX Weighs, Opposes 3 Year Vaccine Protocol

Temple City Hall - Blue Flowers

The City of Temple Animal Services Advisory Committee will convene a meeting on April 11th to discuss reforming the city's outdated one-year rabies vaccine protocol to conform to state guidelines - every three years.

No surprise to advocates for rabies reform who fought tooth and claw to get county approval to relax the rabies protocol in Killeen, the other metropolitan area in Bell County, “the vet on the committee has already made up his mind.” The committee is adamantly sticking to the cities annual rabies ordinance.

Temple residents and advocates who favor the 3-year rabies vaccination protocol approved by the county, state of Texas and National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians are urged to attend.

Residents of Bell County, Texas and advocates for rabies law reform: suit up, warm up and get ready to rumble.

Contact information and meeting location coming soon.

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