April 09, 2011

CA Rabies Exemption Looking Good Again

Sacramento, CA - April 7, 2011, Assemblyman Curt Hagman's legislation, AB 258, affectionately known as "Molly's Bill" passed the Assembly Agricultural Committee with a 9-0 vote.

AB 258 is named after Molly, a dog with chronic autoimmune disease. Molly's owner, Sam Gadd, has been refused a license by the local designated public health official because Molly is not able to receive a rabies vaccine. According to Molly's veterinarian, if the vaccine is applied, it could have serious adverse effects, which are very dangerous to Molly.

AB 258 will protect California canines from unintended consequences of regular anti-rabies vaccine. AB 258 will create an exemption from anti-rabies vaccine for dogs a licensed veterinarian determines are likely to have dangerous or lethal reactions to the vaccine.

"I'm thrilled the agriculture committee agreed about the necessity of AB 258. Dogs are our best friends and we should make sure that California's laws are flexible enough to keep the public and our pets safe," stated Hagman, "I would like to thank the Chair, Assemblymember Galgiani, and her staff for their work on this bill."

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