February 01, 2011

PENNSYLVANIA Rabies Medical Exemption Bill SB 90 ACTION ALERT

Action Alert for Pennsylvania dog and cat owners. 

Pennsylvania Senate Bill 90 granting rabies medical exemption to sick and senior pets in the care of a licensed veterinarian is currently before the Senate Agriculture Committee.  Please contact members below asking them to vote to pass this bill.
Members of the Pennsylvania Senate Agriculture Committee
Senator Elder Vogel, Chair (717) 787-3076  Evogel@pasen.gov
Senator Michael Waugh, Vice-Chair (717) 787-3817 mwaugh@pasen.gov
Senator Lisa Boscola (717) 787-4236 boscola@pasenate.com
Senator Joseph Scarnati (717) 787-7084 jscarnati@pasen.gov
Senator Mike Brubaker (717) 787-4420 mbrubaker@pasen.gov
Senator John Eichelberger (717) 787-5490 jeichelberger@pasen.gov
Senator Robert Robbins (717) 787-1322 rrobbins@pasen.gov
Senator Gene Yaw (717) 787-3280 gyaw@pasen.gov
Senator Andrew Dinniman (717) 787-5709 andy@pasenate.com
Senator Shirley Kitchen (717) 787-6735 kitchen@pasenate.com

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