February 21, 2011

Holistic Vet Urges Action on NM Rabies Medical Exemption

Holistic veterinarian, Dr. Dee Blanco, urges concerned pet owners nationwide to push for New Mexico rabies medical exemption for sick and senior dogs and cats. Thanks to Animal Talk Naturally for tip.


Many of you know my passionate concerns about the overuse of vaccinations in our pet population. I know everyone is overloaded, but NOW is the time to help them! Even if you don't live in New Mexico, the more viral this goes, the easier it will be for other states to get on board.

There is a bill (HB 341)in the New Mexico House of Representatives that would allow a Rabies Medical Exemption Waiver. These Exemption Waivers are for animals previously vaccinated that have current, chronic illness whose health would be severely compromised with repeated vaccinations. Currently, if you decline repeated rabies vaccinations your veterinarian can chose to not vaccinate, but YOU are still legally liable. This bill would allow your veterinarian to write a waiver that you could use for licensing, kenneling, classes, travel, etc.

It seems incredulous that anyone would be opposed to ill animals being vaccinated but the New Mexico Veterinary Medical Association the New Mexico Public Health Department and other veterinarians are!!!

Remember the vaccine manufacturers clearly state on their literature that 'vaccinations are recommended for healthy animals'. If your animal is unhealthy you should have the right to refuse vaccinations and not be in violation of the law! Thirteen states currently have waivers with no public health issues created.

Here's what you can do:

1. Sign this petition and send it to all the animal people you know - EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE WHO LOVES ANIMALS - we want THOUSANDS OF SIGNATURES! It takes ONE minute. Even if you don't live in New Mexico, sign the petition:

2. Please call members of the Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources. It takes one minute to call each office. ONE HUNDRED PHONE CALLS IS THE MAGIC NUMBER they like to receive- the hundredth monkey phenomena!!!

~ Rep.James Roger Madalena: 986-4417 jrmadalena@fsipinc.org
~ Rep. Ray Begaye: 986-4435 ray.begaye@nmlegis.gov
~ Rep. Cathrynn Brown 986-4211 brown44@windstream.net
~ Rep. Joseph Cervantes 986-4234 Joseph@cervanteslawnm.com
~ Rep. Zachary Cook 986-4454 zachjcook@gmail.com
~ Rep. Joni Gutierrez 986-4436 jonig@zianet.com
~ Rep. Dona Irwin 986-4234 donagale@zianet.com
~ Rep. Larry Larranaga 986-4215 larry@larranaga.com
~ Rep. Terry McMillian 986-4220 docmcmillian@msn.com
~ Rep. Don Tripp 986-4220 trippsdon@netscape.net

3. If you live in NM, come to the Roundhouse on Friday, February 25th to let the Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources to make your voice heard! You can testify about how much you support this bill. It's fun and they do listen!

As in many places around the world - this is the time for change, for your voice to be heard, for taking personal responsibility for the changes you see are necessary! Our animal family members are worth our efforts!

Please call me if you would like more information.

For the animals and the earth,

Dee Blanco, DVM

Holistic Veterinary Care & Education
P.O. Box 5865
Santa Fe, NM 87502

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