February 08, 2011

Bell County, Texas Adopts 3-Year Rabies Interval


The Temple Daily Telegram reports that county commissioners are adopting the state of Texas guidelines that require rabies at an interval of every three years at the discretion of a licensed veterinarian.

It took long enough.

Advocates in favor of relaxing outdated rabies laws engaged in a heavy discourse with the county commissioners, Killeen officials and local veterinarians 14 months ago. The state of Texas approved the three-year interval in 2003. Since then, Bell County was the only Texas county that held mandatory rabies vaccinations to a stricter standard.

Whatever. We'll take it! Thank you.

Bell County Relaxes Rabies Shots Requirements

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Barbara said...

Sorry to say but Dewitt county also requires one year vaccinations and of course the vets endorse it.
Barbara Crain
Yorktown, Texas