January 09, 2011

The Truth About Rabies Medical Exemption in California

It should come as no surprise to California pet owners that state budget is all that stands between rabies medical exemption in California and mandatory vaccination of sick and senior dogs and cats:
The bill introduced last year failed not because of policy but was killed in budget appropriations "because the state's Department of Health said it would cost $140,000 to change three sentences on a one-page regulation."  Assemblyman Curt Hagman who introduced the bill plans to co-sponsor the bill with the Humane Society of the United States and to work on the budget issues.
In a related effort, veterinary student, Lisa Lippman has launched a petition to galvanize the support of California dog owners.

From Lisa's op-ed plea to local newspapers, "When I moved here two years ago to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian I contacted the appropriate outlet to license my dog, Max. In January of last year, Max was diagnosed with a similar autoimmune disease as Molly but instead of attacking red blood cells, Max’s disease attacks his skin causing blistering and ulcerations. One month ago, I got a knock on my door from an Inland Valley Humane Society Officer telling me I owed them money and proof that Max had been rabies vaccinated or I may be cited as violating the law which could result in court action."

The petition is open to anyone concerned about this issue and invites comments and shared experience. You can sign the petition to exempt sick dogs and cats from mandatory rabies vaccination here.

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