January 17, 2011

Minnesota Plans Mandatory Rabies for Dogs

Head's up to Minnesota dog owners. You have a rare opportunity to get in front of mandatory rabies laws to ensure that they are based in best practices according to the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians (NASPHV) and The Rabies Challenge.

Until now, Minnesota is one of only a hand full of states that does not require rabies vaccine. That's about to change.

"The Minnesota Board of Animal Health is writing a new rule to require rabies vaccination for all dogs in Minnesota.

I assumed this was already the case, but Minnesota is one of 10 states without a rabies vaccination requirement.

No one knows how many dogs in Minnesota aren't vaccinated. Rules are left up to local governments who license pets like dogs and cats. In many rural areas there is no rabies vaccine requirement, according to the Minnesota Department of Health."

To ensure that the new rules avoid unnecessary vaccination and protects sick and senior pets, the Rabies Challenge Fund has contacted the state Board of Animal Health to shape proposed mandatory rabies laws. Your support is vital.

Contact Minnesota State Veterinarian, Dr. Bill Hartman bill.hartmann@bah.state.mn.us and state legislators. Ask them to create a protocol requiring pets to be vaccinated according to rabies vaccine manufacturers label instructions beginning at the age of 6 months and to include a medical exemption clause for animals too sick to be vaccinated.

Ask all your friends and family to do the same.

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