December 29, 2010

Vaccine and Optimum Health Mutually Exclusive in Dogs & Cats

Dr Blanco's dog, Quila

Dr. Dee Blanco has written a very compelling article about the trade off a pet owner makes when vaccinating a dog or cat with "recommended" or mandatory disease vaccines.

She concludes what many ethical veterinarians have been saying for 20 years and what many, many dog and cat owners have experienced by dealing with acute and chronic disease in our pets.

Simply said, vaccination, redundant vaccination and optimum health are mutually exclusive in our companion animals:

"So, during the vaccination process we are injecting the body with altered viruses (altered to make them less able to cause clinical disease) asking the body to produce antibodies and therefore mimic, immunologically, the clinical disease. The body then thinks it there has been an invasion and will produce antibodies to annihilate this ‘invader’. This is as if we were asking the body to respond in a mild way to a mild invasion. This is a bit like ‘lite’ beer. We could call this ‘infection lite’! The problem is that what is created is a low level of ‘infection’ (defined by the immune stimulation and production of antibodies) to rabies, distemper, lyme, leptospirosis, etc, etc, etc. May I suggest that if you are in a low level form of rabies, parvo or distemper, west nile or influenza, you are not in a high level state of health! They cannot mutually exist."

H/T: Dr. Kim Bloomer

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