August 27, 2010

PA SB 1454 Introduces Rabies Medical Exemption Legislation

State Senators Orie Greenleaf has introduced legislation in Pennsylvania to grant a rabies medical exemption when a licensed veterinarian determines that vaccination is contraindicated due to infirmity,  chronic health condition or treatment plan.

Pennsylvania animal lovers in favor of making allowances for sick or senior family pets in Pennsylvania rabies laws are urged to contact members of the Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee to ask them to vote "Ought to Pass" this legislation.

Senator Mike Brubaker, Chair (717) 787-4420 
Senator Michael Waugh, Vice-Chair (717) 787-3817 
Senator Michael O'Pake, Minority Chair (717) 787-8925 
Senator Joseph Scarnati (717) 787-7084 
Senator John Eichelberger (717) 787-5490 
Senator Robert Robbins (717) 787-1322 
Senator Elder Vogel (717) 787-3076
Senator Gene Yaw (717) 787-3280 
Senator Andrew Dinniman (717) 787-5709 
Senator Shirley Kitchen (717) 787-6735 
Senator John Wozniak (717) 787-5400


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