August 23, 2010

CA Department of Health Tries to Kill Bill AB2000 - Rabies Medical Exemption

California residents take note: AB 2000 - Molly's Bill - to exempt dogs and cats in the care of a licensed veterinarian from rabies shots is threatened with extinction.

Monica Wagoner, (916) 440-7502, the Deputy Director of Legislative & Governmental Affairs in the Department of Health, is determined to kill this bill with any means possible.

First, she opposed rabies medical exemption for sick and senior pets after the quarantine language was removed. Now she claims that the State of California will need to hire a part time research scientist for 18 months at the cost of $160,000 to push this bill through the regulatory process. This means that the broken California budgeting process which has already hurt so many vulnerable groups will now hurt the most vulnerable dogs and cats - those already suffering acute or chronic illness and most likely to experience more adverse reactions to rabies vaccine.

According to Kris Christine, if you want rabies medical exemption for sick and senior pets in California, it is urgent that you call Monica Wagoner's office to challenge her claim.

Fourteen states have successfully ratified this legislation with no additional staff or cost. Furthermore, none of the states who have enacted this legislation have experienced rabies outbreaks. So is her demand warranted, or just another political gambit to kill the bill that she does not support?

I'm also curious: what part of the manufacturer's admonition "for healthy animals only" does the director of the California Department of Health not understand? 

While you're at this, make two other calls to Senate Appropriations Committee (916) 651-4101 and Appropriations Chair, Senator Christine Kehoe at (916) 651-4039.

Tell them to stop playing politics with the lives of California's sick dogs and get this bill voted out of the "Suspense File" and sent to the Senate Floor for a vote.


H/T: Kris Christine, Rabies Challenge Fund

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