June 14, 2010

URGENT: CA Rabies Medical Waiver Threatened Again!

Red alert for California pet owners. On June 8th, Monica Wagoner, the Deputy Director of the California Department of Public Health (916) 440-7502 opposed the revised medical exemption legislation proposed in California AB 2000. Their letter states: "There is no scientific evidence that canine rabies vaccines are associated with severe or a high rate of vaccination reactions."

*banging head on desk*

How many times do we have to tell them?

1. Any dog or cat with at least two rabies vaccinations has a less than 1 in 8 million chance of contracting the virus if exposed. You on the other hand have a better than 1 in 600,000 chance of being struck by lightning if you stand in a thunderstorm.

2. According to the National Association of National State Health Veterinarians, there is no medical basis for redundant vaccination. When even her peers agree on this, what is Monica pretending not to know? Rabies vaccine is a powerful biologic agent that is implicated in a host of acute and chronic health conditions.

3. Mandating the purchase of bad medicine is bad law. Requiring pet owners to pay for medically unsound rabies vaccinations from which their animal derives no health benefit raises ethical and legal issues which may violate the state’s consumer protection laws.

4. NASPHV also states that requiring rabies vaccine more than necessary is ineffective in attaining the public safety goal of herd immunity. People who vaccinate will stop subjecting their beloved pets to this insane, inhumane and medically unnecessary procedure. People who do not vaccinate couldn't care less either way.

Got the message? Go get 'em.

Kris Christine urges all concerned pet owners to make a brief call or send a short e-mail to the Senate Health Committee members below and tell them you support "Molly's Bill" AB 2000 granting rabies medical exemption to dogs who are in the care of a licensed veterinary for acute or chronic health conditions. Ask everyone you know to do the same. Only a very strong show of public support will overcome the Health Department's opposition to this bill.


Senate Health Committee Members

Elaine Alquist (Chair) senator.alquist@sen.ca.gov (916) 651-4013
Tony Stickland (Vice-Chair) senator.strickland@sen.ca.gov (916) 651-4019
Samuel Aanestad Senator.Aanestad@senate.ca.gov (916) 651-4004
Gilbert Cedillo (916) 651-4022
Dave Cox senator.cox@senate.ca.gov (916) 651-4001
Mark Leo senator.leo@senate.ca.gov (916) 651-4003
Gloria Negrete McLeod senator.mcleod@senate.ca.gov (916) 651-4032
Fran Pavley senator.pavley@senate.ca.gov (916) 651-4023
Gloria Romero senator.romero@senate.ca.gov (916) 651-4024


Patricia said...

I am with you on this! Can you however send me the reference to the 2 vaccines and 1 in 8 million chance for contracting rabies? I am not questioning this just want to add this to a huge arsenal I to am collecting on the facts; even one rabies vaccine administered to a healthy mature mammalian immune system is protective for life. Just would like the 1 in 8 million chance reference. Thank you!

Pamela said...

Rabies vaccine has been demonstrated to have a minimum duration of immunity of seven years by serology by Dr Ron Schultz, Professor and Chair, Patho-biological Sciences, the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine and four years for cats and five years for dogs by challenge by Michel F. Aubert. (Schultz, Ronald D, Duration of Immunity to Canine Vaccines: What We Know and What We Don’t Know, Proceedings – Canine Infectious Diseases: From Clinics to Molecular Pathogenesis, Ithaca, NY, 1999, 22)

Aubert’s study shows that the chances of a dog or cat developing rabies in the United States that has had one rabies vaccination is less than one in eight million, (<1:8,000,000) By contrast, you have a greater than one in 600,000 chance of being struck by lightning if you stand in a thunderstorm. (Aubert Michel F, The practical significance of rabies antibodies in cats and dogs, Scientific and Technical Revue, 11(3) 735, 1992 Paris, France)