June 23, 2010

Oops: Study Order on Massachusetts Medical Exemption Bill, SB 784

Due to a heavy legislative calender for this year, the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government has issued a study order on Senate Bill 784, regarding rabies vaccination of dogs and cats. No public hearing is scheduled at this time.

This bill was intended to clarify the language and strengthen the law already in place in Massachusetts to waive rabies shots for sick and senior dogs and cats at the request of a licensed veterinarian.

According to Kris Christine, The Rabies Challenge Fund, a study order can delay passage of a law or it can shelve a bill permanently. To assure timely passage of Senate Bill 784, an Act Relative to Rabies Vaccination of Dogs and Cats, state legislators must reintroduce the bill for action this year.

Promises of laws to come are as good as none.

How You Can Help

Please contact the Legislative Chairs on the Municipalities and Regional Government Committee who are listed below as well as the legislator who sponsored the bill. Ask them to request reintroduction of Senate Bill #784. Ask everyone you know in Massachusetts to do the same.

Members of the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government: 

Senator James Eldridge, Co-Chair  James.Eldridge@state.ma.us Phone: (617) 722-1120 Fax: (617) 722-1089
Representative Paul Donato Rep.PaulDonato@hou.state.ma.us Phone:  (617) 722-2090 Fax:  (617) 722-2848
Senator Steven Panagiotakos Steven.Panagiotakos@state.ma.us Phone:  (617) 722-1630 Fax:   (617) 722-1001


H/T: Kris L Christine, The Rabies Challenge Fund

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