June 06, 2010

Donations Help to Stop Unnecessary Rabies Vaccinations

Every week, Aimee's Law is contacted by a person who has recently lost a beloved dog or cat to a disease or illness they believe is due to repeated anti-rabies vaccine injections.They are heartbroken, angry and eager to do something to ensure that no more furry friends are lost due to over-zealous rabies laws. Here's one way to help.

Donate to the Rabies Challenge Fund in memory of your lost pet.

The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust is in its third year of study to determine the duration of immunity conveyed by rabies vaccines. The goal is to extend the required interval for rabies booster shots to five and then to seven years. This project depends primarily upon grassroots support to fund the costs of conducting the requisite vaccine trials. Contributions to date have come mostly from kennel clubs and private individuals.

It is important to understand that rabies prevention and control laws are calcified in place by fear for public safety. Any gains in rabies law reform depend on the findings of this seven-year study.

Although laboratory and blood tests performed by leading veterinary research scientists have proved that duration of immunity of anti-rabies vaccine is minimally five years, possibly lifelong, the government agency which regulates animal vaccines, does not accept this scientific evidence as proof of duration of immunity.

The USDA will only approve a drug that has been challenged on animals vaccinated with it. Manufacturers of anti-rabies vaccine have not been willing to undertake a long-term challenge study, citing costs as the barrier.

Privately funded research designed to meet the rigorous test standards of the USDA is the most concrete hope animal lovers have to reduce the number of times a dog, cat or ferret receives anti-rabies vaccine during its life.

In addition, the Rabies Challenge Fund is front and center of any local initiative to reform rabies law. Kris L. Christine, Dr. Jean Dodds and Dr. Ronald Schultz have all been instrumental in making important strides in cities and states nationwide to extend the interval between rabies booster shots. They're not doing it for the money; they're doing it for the love of our companion animals. 

Here are a few of the friends of Aimee's Law who are also friends of the Rabies Challenge Fund:

Jan's Jiggy and ChicletJan's Jiggy and Chiclet 
"Jiggy (left) developed autoimmune liver disease after a rabies shot. Chiclet (right) has vaccinosis issues, too. We support the Fund because it will potentially help protect the health of every dog in America. Every dog! What could be better than that?"
- Jan Rasmusen

Judy's PeachesJudy's Peaches
ADCh Southern Sands Peaches TM-B, JCH-B, *2007 USDAA 16" Regional GP Finalist, AX, AXJ, Clean Run's Ultimate 60 Weave Pole Breed Champion, CGC (10 years old). Sadly retired at 7 years due to rabies vaccine-induced Ischemic Vasculitis as per Univ. of Penn.
- Judy Schor

Pamela's Aimee
In 2006, Aimee Picard developed chronic renal failure after a routine anti-rabies booster shot. In six months, she went from a robust, healthy house cat to a thin, frail, sickly animal unable to enjoy the simplest of pleasures - a sun bath, the amusement of stalking a mouse and the comfort of her person's lap. She was euthanized in the end stage of an illness that did not have to be. - Pamela Picard

You don't have to be wealthy to be charitable in the name of your pet. Give whatever you can spare - $1000, $100, $30, $5. Even pennies in a jar add up.

Donate to the Rabies Challenge Fund

The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust is a federally registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your deduction is entirely tax deductible.


Anonymous said...

My elderly mother, now deceased, was hounded by Animal Regulation in Clearwater Florida to have her 13 year old cat vaccinated. This was strictly a housecat. She finally gave in & had the cat vaccinated for Rabies. Within six months cancer had developed around the injection site. The cat had to be euthanized. This totally broke an old woman's heart. The cat was vaccinated it's whole life & it was totally unnecessary for the cat to be vaccinated at that age!

Pamela said...

Yes, sadly this happens quite often. It makes me so sad and so damned mad. Unnecessary!