June 19, 2010

CA Bill AB2000 Continues to Draw Support

California AB2000, legislation proposed to exempt sick and senior pets from rabies vaccine continues to draw support from all quarters. This statement from Dr. Margo Roman is one of the most powerful testimonies I've read so far.

I received my own rabies vaccines in 1974 and was told in Veterinary School that I should never just blindly get vaccinated but should titer every other year and see if my titer had dropped. If my titer dropped below the level then I should get a booster. Under no circumstances should I just blindly get a booster as it can cause auto-immune issues. As veterinarians, we are required to do that. The vaccine has hazardous effects. With 46 % of dogs and 39 % of cats now getting cancer, giving an unnecessary rabies vaccine is very dangerous to the pet.
H/T: Kris Christine, The Rabies Challenge Fund

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