April 17, 2010

UPDATE: Sanity Reigns in CA AB2689

Sanity has been restored to California AB2689 proposed by Cameron Smyth (R-Santa Clarita), chair of the Local Government Committee
 "The amendments are up, and as Smyth's office promised, the controversial language about 3 months of age for the initial rabies vaccination has been deleted from AB 2689. :-)
This bill has reverted to its original positive intent, which is to facilitate easier methods for dog owners to send proof of rabies vaccination to their local government. As it stands now, California dog owners have to snail mail paperwork proof of rabies vaccination, which is a hassle. AB 2689 will allow for things like online forms on the Internet, where the dog owner just enters the rabies vaccination number. This is a win-win for everybody.

Other than that and some very minor wordsmithing, AB 2689 doesn't change existing law.


Baffling how a bill that initially sought to let pet owners communicate with AC by using email could morph into something so regressive and threatening. Thanks to Laura Sanborn for this update. Thanks also to Kris Christine, The Rabies Challenge Fund and all the dog and cat lovers who jumped into action. 

Way to go people!  

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