March 11, 2010

West Virginia Strips Rabies Medical Exemption from New Law

WTF? On March 13, 2010, WEST VIRGINIA House Bill #4407 passed to change the interval between mandatory rabies vaccinations from two to three years. Legislators stripped the medical exemption clause in the original bill filed by Del. Guthriel. The inclusion of a medical exemption clause was opposed by the state's Public Health Veterinarian, Dr. Gary Kinder.

Manufacturers of rabies vaccine advise that the drug is for HEALTHY dogs and cats. It is not advised for pets battling systemic cancers, hemolytic anemia and other diseases for which redundant rabies shots could pose a life-threatening risk,

HB#4407 legislating a three year rabies protocol to conform with national standards will go into effect 90 days from the date it was passed. In the meantime, West Virginia pet owners concerned about the removal of rabies medical exemption for sick and senior dogs and cats should contact Dr. Kinder for an explanation of his position.

Dr. Gary Kinder (304) 558-2214 Ext. 4640 Cell Phone: 546-9560 or

H/T: Judy Frison Schor

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